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Denise is a very professional attorney. She is extremely nice and never hesitated on answering any questions I had day or night. Denise would actually listen to my concerns and take everything into consideration. She is very thorough with her paperwork and providing evidence in her cases. Denise is a “go-getter” and isn’t intimated by judges. She knows the law and will quickly point it out. She truely is my lifesaver. I would recommend Denise Miller, hands down, to represent you.

Deborah G.

I have had a very good experience with ms Denise Miller. She us very very understanding and really listens and show concern. I would recommend her anytime any day if you want the best results. She is the best God bless her

Jacqueline W.

I used Denise for my child custody case… she was amazing! I got everything i needed through meditation and didn’t even need to walk in a court room. She is the best and highly recommend her to all.

Jessica F.

Concerned with my sons arrest, I decided to hire a lawyer for his criminal charges and came across Denise. I couldn’t be more greatful for her sincerity and the personal attention she put into assuring me that she will do all she can within the law to get a fair resolution. She truly is a great lawyer and an amazing person.

Damaris S.

Denise Miller is the most honest, smart and caring attorney I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with many. Her integrity is A+ and Compassion is unparalleled. She treats her clients with respect and does what’s in their best interest with her focus on a nonadversarial approach. This is critical in family matters, my emotions were high, my stress level at critical yet she managed how to navigate beyond for a successful outcome. She is Fair, plain and simple, and that’s unusual in my interactions with attorneys, this world could use many more attorneys like her.

Al B.

I Highly recommended her as a lawyer and have had nothing but the best outcomes on cases and have referred her to many other clients with highly recommended outcomes as well.

Kyle G.

Atty, Denise Miller, Is one of the most loyal, honest, informative attorney I know. I would highly recommend her anytime.!!!!!!

Mary B.

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