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Effective Post Judgment Modification Attorney in Stuart, Florida

If the details of your divorce have been finalized, and a marital settlement agreement or a judge’s ruling is in effect, it is not uncommon that material changes occur in one of the former spouse’s lives that requires a post judgment modification in areas of spousal support, child support, or parenting plans.

Our post judgment modification attorney in Stuart . Florida provides exceptional representation for individuals who are seeking to permanently change a final court order or judgment.

Post judgment modifications are complex and require exacting legal experience to successfully petition the courts for the changes that are necessary to provide our clients with solutions that affect their or their children’s lives. The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA, will help get you there faster, so you can begin focusing on the positive results we create.

What Types Of Court Orders Or Judgments Can Be Modified in Stuart, Florida?

When a substantial change in one party’s circumstances occurs, they may petition the court to modify the current agreement that was established when their divorce was finalized. Our post judgment modification lawyer in Stuart, Florida will provide a detailed compilation of the necessary facts for the court’s consideration, so you can focus on solutions.

Common reasons Stuart, Florida post judgment modifications are requested include:

  • A child’s developing special needs
  • One former spouse begins cohabitating with another or remarries
  • One former spouse is convicted of a crime
  • One former spouse loses his or her job or becomes promoted
  • One parent moves or relocates far from the other parent, or even out of state
  • One parent interferes with the other’s relationship with the child
  • One party’s deteriorating mental or physical health, including illness or drug/alcohol abuse

These circumstances can result in post judgment modifications for:

  • Child support
  • Parenting plans and time-sharing agreements
  • Spousal support

Unless there is fraud involved, the courts will not modify the distribution of assets or debts agreement that is already in place.

How Can I Prove A Post Judgment Modification Attorney Is Necessary?

The first step to proving your need for a post judgment modification begins with hiring an accomplished attorney in Stuart, Florida. Denise Miller has over twenty years of experience in family law and is a former Attorney for the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support and former Judicial Clerk For the 17th Judicial Circuit, which provides our clients with the experience necessary to produce results inside and outside of the courtroom.

Our approach to drafting and pursuing post judgment modifications includes each of the prerequisites necessary for the court to examine your case, including:

  • Proving there is a substantial change in one of the former spouse’s circumstances that necessitates a post judgment modification
  • Demonstrate that the change was not contemplated at the time the final judgment was made
  • Substantiate that the change is material, involuntary, sufficient, and permanent in nature

Are Post Judgment Modifications Often Approved By The Courts?

When the criteria are met to pursue a post-judgment modification, our attorney will aggressively pursue the best outcome available for your case. Post judgments are not uncommon in Stuart, Florida. Our lawyer knows that things change, and circumstances that may have led to your previous agreement may no longer be applicable.

One common request is for a reduction in child support payments after one parent has lost a job, or is unable to find comparably paying employment. Taking a large pay cut certainly qualifies as an involuntary and permanent change.

A post-judgment modification petition must be filed to pursue this change, and once it is approved it must go into effect legally. You may not simply decide to pay a lesser amount or stop paying child support at all. Failure to abide by the current agreement could result in sanctions and contempt.

Will I Have To Go To Court To Request A Stuart Post Judgment Modification?

At The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA, our post judgment modification lawyer in Stuart, Florida has represented clients who are seeking changes to their agreements inside and outside of the courtroom.

These petitions can often be resolved through alternative dispute resolution processes, including parent coordination and mediation. If private negotiations fail, our accomplished attorney will design a rigorous defense that allows our clients to reach a successful outcome in front of a judge.

Have Your Circumstances Changed? Do You Need A Post Judgment Modification?

Contact our experienced post judgment modification attorney at The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA in Stuart, Florida today by calling 772-934-6007 for a free case evaluation. Our lawyer will provide the legal expertise you need to get results quickly and effectively.

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Family Law, including:

Criminal Defense, including:

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