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Paternity Attorney in Stuart, Florida

At The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA, our Stuart paternity attorney has successfully represented mothers and fathers in the city of Stuart , and throughout the State of Florida in establishing and pursuing the legal obligations of parenthood.

Children deserve to have both parents in their lives, and the financial assistance that is derived from child support is an essential part of a healthy upbringing. Establishing paternity is a legal right that allows mothers to gather important information regarding their child’s health and medical history, and delivers the peace of mind that as the child grows their well-being is at the forefront of their upbringing.

Our Stuart Paternity Lawyer will provide the necessary resources, education, and legal tools to establish paternity, so you and your child can positively move forward.

How Is Paternity Established in Stuart, Florida?

When a child is not the product of a marriage, there are several ways to establish paternity.


  • Both parties sign an acknowledgment of paternity, agreeing to their collective parenthood
  • The father submits DNA for genetic testing
  • A judge grants a court order of paternity
  • The couple is married after the birth of the child and establishes paternity through an updated birth record

If you are the mother of a child who would like to establish paternity, our Stuart, Florida paternity lawyer will guide you through the legal process, locate the potential father, administer DNA testing, and deliver the results in an efficient way that allows you to move forward.

Why Is It Important To Establish Paternity?

At The Law Office of Denise Miller our founding lawyer is a former Attorney for the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support, and a former Judicial Clerk for the 17th Judicial Circuit.

With more than twenty years of experience, Stuart paternity lawyer Denise understands that establishing paternity can open doors for any child, supplying opportunities of combined care and financial stability.

Other advantages can include:

  • Access to the father’s family medical history
  • Child support and financial assistance
  • Health insurance, if available
  • Benefits from military allowance or social security, when applicable

Our experienced Stuart, Florida paternity lawyer will negotiate and draft all of the legal documents necessary to ensure the results create a legally binding approach to combined parenthood.

What If I Am Not The Father? Can Denise Miller Help Me Prove It?

Separate from establishing paternity, our Stuart paternity attorney law office also contests allegations of paternity when the male believes he is not the child’s father. This process is equally as important as establishing paternity, as the responsibilities that come with being a father are personally, professionally, and financially life-changing.

When a man has reservations regarding paternity claims made by the mother, we want to help provide legal solutions that allow both parties to resolve their conflict.

On the male’s behalf, our attorney will:

  • Compose a petition detailing the male’s objecting position
  • Design an affidavit from the male stating he is not the biological father
  • Include any evidence that supports the male’s contention
  • Arrange for the mother to supply the child’s DNA for collection
  • Communicate with the mother regarding the test’s completion and the results

DNA testing is the quickest way to disprove paternity while delivering absolute results regarding any connection to the child. Simply put, if you are not the father of the child, the test will prove that fact, and you will not be held legally responsible for his or her upbringing.

The genetic testing process is simple, and only requires minutes of your time. The collection expert will take a DNA sample by collecting cells from inside the male’s cheek, and match it to the collected sample from the child. The results are scientifically compared, and the paternity is either confirmed or denied.

Our paternity attorney in Stuart, Florida provides absolute privacy for all of our clients, allowing their legal matters to remain confidential. If you are being labeled by a mother as the alleged father of her child, and believe those allegations to be false, our Stuart Paternity Lawyer will provide the tools you need to disprove her claims.

Call Our Experienced Paternity Attorney in Stuart, Florida Today For A Free Case Evaluation

While the paternity test itself is a straightforward process, the legal documents that accompany the procedure require an experienced Stuart, Florida paternity attorney to petition the court for results.

If you would like to prove or disprove paternity, contact our committed paternity lawyer in Stuart, Florida today at 772-934-6007 to discover the best legal path to obtaining the facts necessary to prove paternity or terminate the allegations of fatherhood.

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