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Recent Blog Posts

The Legal Rights of Juvenile Offenders in Florida: What Every Parent Should Know

By Denise Miller |

As parents know well, teenagers can get themselves in serious trouble. In some cases, a youthful indiscretion could even lead to juvenile criminal charges. According to comprehensive data from the Florida Department of Health, more than 36,000 juvenile arrests were made in the state in 2022. At The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA,… Read More »

Can the Custodial Parent Leave the State of Florida Without the Other Parent’s Consent?

By Denise Miller |

For divorced and separated parents, coming to a custody arrangement can bring a great sense of relief. At the same time, co-parenting is not a static process. Things can change. For example, one parent may decide it is time to relocate. This raises an important question: Can a custodial parent move out of Florida… Read More »

Can a Routine Traffic Stop Lead to a Drug Search?

By Denise Miller |

You are pulled over for a routine traffic stop. You have important legal rights. This raises an important question: Can police search your car for drugs during an ordinary traffic stop? The short answer is “no”—or, more accurately, they cannot lawfully conduct a drug search without probable cause. If probable cause exists, a search… Read More »

At What Age Does the Child Decide Which Parent to Live With in Florida?

By Denise Miller |

Custody cases can be very complicated—especially if a child is getting along better with one of his or her parents. This raises an important question: When does a child get to pick which parent he or she lives with in Florida? The answer is there is no set age, and a child technically never… Read More »

What are “Degrees” of Drug Crimes?

By Denise Miller |

Each US State has its own unique way of approaching criminal justice, and Florida is no exception. While the Sunshine State shares many similarities with other states, a defining characteristic is its system of “degrees.” If you are new to Florida or you have never encountered criminal charges, this system might seem a little… Read More »

How is Child Support Modified if My Ex Loses Their Job?

By Denise Miller |

Florida’s job market is in a constant state of flux. During any given month, certain industries lose jobs while others gain them. During a four-month period in 2022, Florida lost 1.28 million jobs before gaining back several hundred thousand over the next few months while readjusting to a post-COVID economy. Like many states, Florida is… Read More »

How to Stay Safe From Drunk Drivers Around New Year’s Eve

By Denise Miller |

According to the National Safety Council, 40% of all fatal crashes between December 25 and January 1 involve drunk drivers. This is something that motorists in Florida must be aware of. Even if you responsibly decide to get a ride home after a few too many, there is no guarantee that other intoxicated drivers… Read More »

How to Handle Your First Holiday Season After Divorce

By Denise Miller |

According to various studies, the majority of Americans report feeling intense feelings of loneliness during the holidays. This period can be especially difficult for those who have just navigated divorce, and these feelings of loneliness might feel completely new. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can employ to address these feelings during your first holiday season… Read More »

How Can I Help My Children Get Through Our Florida Divorce?

By Denise Miller |

At the Law Office of Denise Miller, our divorce attorney in Stuart, Florida is not a licensed family therapist, but our office has been handling family law cases for more than two decades.  That allows our legal professionals to provide a few tips from an experienced family law attorney Stuart for helping your kids get… Read More »

Three Common Ways a Florida Breathalyzer Can Be Wrong

By Denise Miller |

At the Law Office of Denise Miller, our criminal defense attorney in Stuart explains to each of our clients who are arrested and charged with a DUI in Florida that whether you were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint or pulled over for a traffic violation and were presented with a breathalyzer, there are several ways the reading could have… Read More »

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