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How to Handle Your First Holiday Season After Divorce

According to various studies, the majority of Americans report feeling intense feelings of loneliness during the holidays. This period can be especially difficult for those who have just navigated divorce, and these feelings of loneliness might feel completely new. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can employ to address these feelings during your first holiday season after divorce.

Holiday Season after a Divorce

Enjoy Old Family Traditions

While you were married you probably came up with some new traditions that you and your spouse followed. If you had children, you probably had some involving them. Without your spouse, and if the children aren’t with you this holiday, it might seem a little un-festive. One thing you can try is to enjoy the traditions you had with your family when you were young. Maybe they were traditions that your new life didn’t have a space for. It can help you get back into the holiday spirit without feeling consumed by trying to keep up with traditions that don’t make sense anymore.

Be Productive

Although the holiday season is usually a period of relaxation, it also represents an excellent opportunity to get things done. Work on that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Get outdoors and paint a natural landscape. Catch up on work and go the extra mile as you pursue that elusive promotion. While “me time” is important over the break, you can dodge negative thoughts by staying active and being productive.

Consider Modifying Your Custody Agreement

If you find yourself alone over the holidays, this might be the result of an unfavorable custody agreement. For example, your ex might have sole physical custody of the children, leaving you without crucial access to your children over the winter break. If this is creating serious emotional distress for you, it might be worth modifying your child custody agreement in the near future.

For example, you might modify your child custody agreement in such a way that you have more access to the children over the holidays next year. You might also modify your child custody agreement such that it allows you to spend time with your kids over the weekends. Note that in order to modify your parenting time agreement in Florida, you will need to show that a change in circumstance has occurred. Your custody lawyer in Florida can help you determine whether it might be possible to modify this agreement.


One of the best ways to connect with others and combat loneliness during the holidays is to volunteer. This is also in line with the holiday spirit, and you may feel a sense of fulfillment as you contribute to your local community in a number of different ways. Many volunteer opportunities are Christmas-themed, and you might even make a few new friends.

Enjoy Work Parties

If you are the type who usually skips the annual office party, now might be the time to rethink this approach. Although these work-related Christmas parties might seem a little lame at first, they can sometimes prove to be a real blast. In addition, these parties are usually covered at your employer’s expense – making them a truly affordable choice!

Reach Out to Extended Family 

Often times married couples trade off where they go for the holidays, or they choose to have the holidays with just their immediate family. After a divorce things can seem very isolating. You can use this time to spend some time with your extended family. Maybe you only got to see your parents every other year, and this gives you the chance to build stronger bonds.

You may also find yourself tagging along to some of your friends’ traditions. Being around people you love can help make this time less daunting. Spending time doing the typical holiday activities with your friends may be freeing. The best way to cope is to be around positivity and people you enjoy.

Contact a Family Law Attorney in Florida

For more advice on how to handle your first holiday season after a divorce, consider reaching out to a qualified divorce attorney in Florida. At the Law Office of Denise Miller, PA, you can explore options for custody modifications, alimony, and other legal steps even after your divorce has been concluded. We have guided numerous spouses through the difficult periods following divorce – and we know how difficult the holiday season can be. Book your consultation today to discuss the most appropriate course of legal action.

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